• Lower fuel costs
  • Reduce the amount of overtime pay
  • Boost profits
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Efficient dispatching
  • Improve customer service
  • No more personal use of vehicles
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Letter From Our Founder

When I founded Vehicle Tracking Solutions in 2002, I was overwhelmed with excitement to get in front of business owners and show them the emerging technology that uses government-owned GPS to see the exact location of company vehicles on a digital map on a computer screen. The vehicle could be across the street or across the country, and in real time you would be able to "track your fleet from your office seat." When I started VTS, most business owners were not aware of the power of GPS. This was before the great popularity of personal navigation devices stuck to every windshield and smart phone apps that can take you to the closet burger joint or to some address hundreds of miles away.

I banged on lots of doors and made lots of calls to showcase my solution to everyone I had met over the previous 10 years during my tenure as a door-to-door pager and cellular telephone salesman.

During those first few years, we spent a lot of time educating our prospects on the benefits of investing in a GPS-based vehicle tracking solution. Many of our early clients justified doing business with us by stopping the few bad apples they had in the whole bunch of drivers they employed.

I soon learned that our solution needed to go beyond simply eliminating driver waste. Our solution needed to be a tool that would help even the best and most well-managed fleets complete more deliveries and service calls each day, assist dispatchers in sending the closest driver to a call, keep perfect records of vehicle movement and vehicle maintenance, and aid our clients in raising the level of service they offer to their own clients. I knew our clients needed to have the answers in front of their eyes when the phone rang and someone asked "where’s your driver?"

Since our first generation solution (called FleetMinder) which was replaced in 2008 with the launch of Silent Passenger, my staff and I have been committed to continually adding features and improving our product line. Vehicle Tracking Solutions continues to make the prosperity and efficiency of your fleet our number one priority. By keeping these principles in mind, I have had the great fortune to expand my business to service clients operating vehicles all over the United States.

The VTS staff operates in our Long Island, NY office consisting of our in-house software developers, product enhancement engineers, customer support and training specialists, and fleet management specialists sole focus is to put our experience and the best practices of our clients to work for you when you use Silent Passenger. If you are committed to doing everything you can to bring your business to the next level, you have my personal commitment that my staff and I share your goals and together our success has no limit.

John Cunningham


Vehicle Tracking Solutions