John Cunningham

John Cunningham, CEO

Mr. Cunningham is the founder of Vehicle Tracking Solutions. He has an extensive background in telecommunications and wireless technology, as senior manager at Verizon. In the early days of Global Positioning Systems, he saw the value this emerging technology could bring to the fleet management space. Over the last 10 years, he has built Vehicle Tracking Solutions into a leading fleet management technology force. The company now has over 2000 customers and 30,000 GPS tracking devices in the field.

Karen Cunningham

Karen Cunningham, CFO

Karen Cunningham's involvement in telecommunication and wireless technology began as a leading sales manager at Nynex Mobile. She held positions in retail sales, retail store manager, and major account management. After helping John Cunningham establish Vehicle Tracking Solutions in 2002, Karen took on the financial side of the business. Since 2002, Karen has been involved in major business projects as well as overseeing expansion efforts.

Ryan Wilkinson

Ryan Wilkinson, CTO

As Chief Technology Officer, Ryan is responsible for managing the technical aspects of developing Real-Time GPS based Fleet Management solutions, as well as keeping current with the features and functions sought by today’s end users. Starting with VTS in 2009, he has been instrumental in ensuring VTS is offering a highly responsive, reliable, feature-rich customer experience. Ryan and his team strive to engineer a user-friendly, state of the art fleet management platform that can be applied to all types of industries with a mobile workforce to provide a complete solution to breed accountability, improve efficiency, and productivity for their operations.

Al Napolitano

Al Napolitano, Director of Sales

Al has an extensive background in sales, with over 28 years experience in several different industries. Prior to Vehicle Tracking Solutions he spent over 7 years with Konica Minolta Business Solutions attaining Presidents Club status for a consecutive 4 years.

Al started with Vehicle Tracking Solutions in the Fall of 2008 as a Fleet Manager Specialist. After excelling for 3 years, he was promoted to sales manager and subsequently to Director of Sales in 2013. His efforts have led to great expansion of our customer base.