SP - Garmin™

Communicate With Your Drivers Directly Through Silent Passenger™

Garmin™ Dezl - Messaging

Share routes, messages, and driver statuses

The 2-Way Messaging feature in Silent Passenger™ allows you to send messages to each vehicle's Garmin™ navigation unit via the Silent Passenger™ interface. Drivers can respond with a series of message acknowledgments, canned messages, or free-entry text. All messages appear in the Silent Passenger™ inbox.

Garmin Routing Allows You to Efficiently Route Your Vehicles Using Silent Passenger™

Garmin™ Dezl - Stops

Import your daily stops, display them on the map, and assign them to your vehicles with a few clicks. Combining your GPS tracking data with routing will give you a 360 degree view of your daily fleet operations. Using the Silent Passenger™ Routing interface, you can easily upload your vehicles' routes directly to in-vehicle Garmin™ devices. Your drivers will be automatically directed from stop to stop!

Got an emergency stop that wasn't planned? No problem. Enter the stop into the route via Silent Passenger™ and resend the route to your driver's Garmin™ device. The system will place that new stop in the existing route without disrupting the other stops.

Allow Your Drivers to Log Themselves Into a Vehicle Each Morning

Garmin™ Dezl - Driver Information

Using an entry-level Garmin™ device, drivers can log into their vehicle using a unique driver ID. A custom alarm will alert the driver on the Garmin™ device to login on engine startup, and will remind the driver to login if they fail to do so. An alert is sent to managers when a driver fails to login after 5 minutes. Additionally, you will have a historical record of which driver was assigned to each vehicle on a specific date.

Commercial-friendly Garmin™ devices are preloaded with detailed maps of the U.S. that also include truck-related restrictions such as bridge heights and related information for most major roads and highways. Just enter your vehicle profile information (customizable by height, weight, length, width, and hazardous materials) and find your truck-preffered routes suitable for your rig and load. Commercial units are available with 5" or 7" screens.