SP - SpeedGauge™


Fuel consumption increases almost 10% when traveling 5mph over the speed limit.

Consider the cost to your business in fuel when your drivers average more than 50mph on the road:

  • At 55mph 7% increase in fuel costs.
    $0.25 more per gallon
  • At 60mph 14% increase in fuel costs.
    $0.49 more per gallon
  • At 70mph 23% increase in fuel costs.
    $0.80 more per gallon

Speed Kills Your Profits

Take control with true speed alerts in Silent Passenger

SpeedGauge info box

You can't take a chance when it comes to your employees' safety and your company's reputation. The SpeedGauge feature in Silent Passenger will alert you when your vehicles are exceeding posted speed limits.

The standard speed notifications included in other GPS systems only allow you to set a single threshold to monitor speed. While this may be helpful monitoring your vehicles that are traveling on highways, you will miss the most egregious speeding incidents: those which occur in residential areas.