• Lower fuel costs
  • Reduce the amount of overtime pay
  • Boost profits
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Efficient dispatching
  • Improve customer service
  • No more personal use of vehicles
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See what Vehicle Tracking Solutions customers are saying.

We compared a one year period of time with the following results: We did 132 more rides using 1,254 gallons of gas less. I give credit to the installation of the Vehicle Tracking Solutions system as being the largest factor in this savings.

-New Jersey Limousine Company

What’s great about Vehicle Tracking Solutions is they stand behind their product. I could have bought a GPS system from a dozen of their competitors but being in the service business, I know what good service is and that’s what I get from Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Vehicle Tracking Solutions is one of those tools where once you have it; don’t ever take it away from me. And once you’re dealing with a company like VTS, you don’t want to deal with anyone else.

-Long Island Cesspool Company

Vehicle Tracking Solutions has helped make our company more efficient in routing. Because of this we don’t have to go out and buy more trucks.

-Long Island Food Distribution Company

We have been using VTS’ services for many years. Having the devices in our trucks saves us a lot of money and gives us piece of mind to know where our trucks are at all times. It eliminated the problem of truck usage after hours and employees getting to the job sites late or leaving early. We know that we cannot afford NOT to have this service.

-Long Island Refrigeration Company

We operate approximately 30 vehicles on a daily basis and it’s important that we know where all of our vehicles are at all times. We can monitor the speed of each vehicle, where they are and if they’re going lights and sirens. VTS helps us save money on fuel. With fuel costs being so high now, this is a big part of our budget. By saving one gallon of gas per ambulance a day, the VTS system pays for itself.

-Long Island Ambulance Company

We have seen a substantial savings in gas usage since our drivers are unable to use the vans after business hours. We are able to track the actual hours our mechanics work each day and also on particular jobs. We are also able to help mechanics who are lost get to the next job site. Our insurance carrier was also able to give us a discounted premium on the automobile policy. The installation of the devices was quick and professional. The suggestions you gave to get our mechanics to understand the purpose of the GPS was helpful. All in all, the GPS devices in our company vans have helped us become more efficient.

-New York HVAC Company

Vehicle Tracking Solutions responds to our needs immediately and their customer service is excellent.

-New York Limousine Company

We switched over to your service from Navtrak and have been pleased from my initial contact with your sales representative to your installers to the people in accounting to the guys in tech support. It is nice that I can call and get the same person who remembers me from the last time. I love that kind of customer service. Also, I am thrilled that even though I spent more on the VTS equipment than I had spent with Navtrak, your reports and the ease of producing them just blows Navtrak away!

-Connecticut Tree Service Company

Our shipments include readily perishable, fragile and vital types of cargo…the biggest step we took was to implement the extraordinary real-time GPS concept by Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Now, not a minute is wasted and we can promptly respond to a client’s unexpected request.

-New York Courier Service Company

Vehicle Tracking Solutions has allowed our profit margin to rise considerably due to less employee overtime. Most of my employees take our trucks home and prior to having the system, we had no idea when they started their day. It was all on the honor system and they constantly blamed traffic on their tardiness. With VTS, I have saved at least $25,000-$50,000 in overtime alone! I can now track my field agents everywhere they go and when they use the tow lifts to do any unauthorized towing.

-New York Towing Asset Recovery Company

It is hard to imagine not knowing our service technicians’ exact locations after spending a year with VTS. We have experienced numerous savings in payroll, overtime, and vehicle mileage. We are able to control personal use of the company vehicles. Installation of the VTS units was by far the easiest and smoothest undertaking we have experienced. We were up and running in less than two days with immediate results.

-New York Oil Heating Company